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Good Deeds in Pattaya

Since the sad and unfortunate events of last month regarding the King of Thailand, has anyone noticed the willingness to help, or contribute in some way for the community?
There has been many acts of kindness shown from people in the last few weeks, all over Thailand, but more so in the larger cities such as Bangkok and Pattaya.
Some have been more publicized than others, but all have been welcomed with open arms. Well, not all, there was the 2 young Thai’s in Bangkok giving away free hugs to passers by, until they were told it was not “acceptable” by the police. I suppose it was good while it lasted.
Others that I have noticed include cleaning the streets. After seeing the amount of people visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok on a daily basis, you can only imagine the amount of rubbish left behind. Luckily we have some kind people who stay back to clean up.
Another that I thought was a good idea was the dyeing stations that pooped up in Bangkok. The idea was that with everyone being asked to wear black clothing, not all had the money to go out and buy new clothing, so with these stations, you could take your old clothing and have them dyed black for free.
These are just 2 of the ones that caught my eye but there have been many more, including free food and drinks, free tattoos relating to the King, free clothing etc.
Things like this are always nice to see, but let’s hope it continues, and it’s not just a phase that will soon pass, although that could be more wishful thinking than reality unfortunately.
Stay tuned until next time guys


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