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Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant

Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant

Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant is the oldest family-owned Tandoori and Curry Indian Restaurant in the heart of Pattaya. It has grown its reputation over the years and has a comprehensive, mouth-watering menu that caters to all tastes

Indulge in the fiery delights of authentic Indian cuisine at Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant, a culinary gem that has adorned the Pattaya dining scene for nearly three decades. Nestled near the vibrant Pattaya Beach Road on Central Pattaya Road, this eatery boasts a rich tapestry of flavors expertly crafted by seasoned Indian chefs amidst Arabian-inspired decor that enchants the senses.

Prepare your palate for a tantalizing journey through the realm of spice, where each bite leaves you yearning for more. From sizzling Tandoori Chicken to aromatic curries like Rogan Josh and Masala, Alibaba promises an epicurean adventure like no other.

Conveniently situated at the crossroads of Pattaya Beach Road and Pattaya Klang, Alibaba beckons both seasoned aficionados and curious newcomers alike to experience the essence of India. Step into a world steeped in tradition, where every detail – from the ornate furnishings to the soul-stirring melodies – transports you to the heart of this vibrant culture.

While Pattaya boasts numerous Indian eateries, Alibaba stands out as a beacon of authenticity, catering to the discerning palates of locals and ‘Farangs’ alike. Whether you’re craving the familiar comforts of English-Indian curries or seeking to embark on a gastronomic voyage, Alibaba promises an unparalleled culinary odyssey that captivates the senses and leaves an indelible mark on your taste buds.

Mar 2024 • Family

Superb Indian Taste Great menu Amazing Dishes And Best Location These are some special qualities of Alibaba Restaurant in Pattaya City. Even Indian will get amazed with quality ond taste of their dishes. Must visit for every Indian and for those who want to explore Indian cuisine.

For over three decades, Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant has remained a bastion of Indian gastronomy in Pattaya, where the aroma of spices mingles with the sea breeze along Pattaya Beach Road. Embark on a culinary escapade unlike any other and savor the flavors of India at this esteemed establishment, where every dish is a masterpiece crafted with passion and tradition.

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