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Airport’s master plan by AOT

Airport's master plan by AOT

The Airports of Thailand (AoT) is revising the master plan for Suvarnabhumi Airport to prioritize terminal construction and expansion projects in response to the rapidly growing demand for passenger traffic. AoT director Kirati Kijmanawat stated that the next phase of the master plan, spanning the next decade, needs adjustments to accelerate the expansion of the main terminal and the construction of new terminals to keep pace with the surging air traffic growth.

The revised master plan focuses on investments in three key projects: the western expansion, construction of the southern terminal, and the Satellite 2 building. The decision on which of these projects will be initiated first is part of the revision process.

Once a project is selected, it will undergo a design phase which typically takes about a year before construction commences in 2026. Kirati highlighted the pressing nature of the eastern expansion of Suvarnabhumi Airport’s main terminal, approved at a cost of 10 billion baht. The design blueprint for this expansion project has been updated, with the bidding process for construction firms expected to begin by August.

The eastern expansion of the terminal aims to increase the airport’s handling capacity by 15 million passengers, adding to the current capacity of 60 million passengers. With passenger traffic anticipated to surpass 65 million this year, nearing pre-COVID-19 levels, the expansion project is crucial.

Furthermore, the plans for the southern terminal project are in the pipeline to address the continuous surge in air travel demands. Construction of this terminal, estimated to take around four years, is awaiting government approval and implementation.

At Don Mueang Airport, significant progress has been reported in expanding the country’s second-largest hub catering mainly to low-cost airlines. Plans are underway to finalize the development design within the upcoming year, with a budget of 36 billion baht allocated for the project. This includes constructing a new international terminal while amalgamating the current international terminals 1 and 2 into a domestic terminal.

Overall, AoT manages six key airports including Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai. Passenger traffic across these airports is projected to reach 140 million this year, nearing pre-pandemic levels.

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