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Armed Foreigners Allegedly Invade Restaurant

Armed Foreigners Allegedly Invade Restaurant, Claiming Strong Police Backing

“A foreign individual entered the premises brandishing a firearm, menacing the restaurant owner and boldly asserting support from high-ranking police officials. Surveillance cameras captured his actions as he rode a motorcycle, forcefully entered the establishment, and caused a disturbance by striking a table where patrons were seated. Prompt intervention by the owner led to the banning of the individual from re-entering the restaurant, following an incident on April 12th.

On May 3rd, the same individual returned, armed once more and making threatening remarks, asserting his perceived invincibility due to alleged police backing.

Journalists visited the chicken rice restaurant located opposite Tambon Thong Market in the municipal area of Buri Ram. They interviewed Ms. Kam, a 38-year-old restaurant proprietor, who recounted her acquaintance with the 55-year-old suspect from England. She mentioned his prior involvement in procuring materials for a large marijuana cultivation project but distanced herself from him due to his combative nature and propensity for conflict.

Following the suspect’s banning from the restaurant, he reportedly made violent threats, leading to the establishment’s closure as a safety precaution for owner and patrons. Despite this, the suspect persisted in his confrontational behavior, prompting intervention from police forces from Nakhon Ratchasima province, fully equipped to ensure security.

Initial complaints were filed at the Buri Ram city police station, urging swift apprehension of the suspect for legal action.

Reporters verified the suspect’s residence in Kok Yai Village, Issan Subdistrict, and located Ms. Pin, a 52-year-old chairwoman of the local administrative organization. She revealed that the suspect, married to a Thai national, was overseeing construction of a large-scale marijuana plantation in the village. She noted his involvement in community activities but also highlighted his disruptive behavior under the influence.

Concurrently, police summoned the restaurant owner for further inquiry, while arrangements were made for the suspect to surrender in Buri Ram city with translator assistance to ensure fair interrogation.”

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