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Police Uncover Extortion Ring

Police Uncover Extortion Ring

Din Daeng police, alongside relevant agencies, convened a press briefing regarding a troubling case involving five Chinese nationals who were unlawfully detained for a ransom of 2.5 million baht by a group of Thai individuals, including police personnel, in Bangkok.

Reportedly, five Chinese businessmen were forcibly held by four Thai men in a hotel room in Bangkok on April 25th. Subsequently, these men coerced the Chinese businessmen into surrendering 2.5 million baht.

Following intensive police inquiries, arrest warrants were sought from the Thai criminal court for seven suspects, comprising two police officers, one former officer, and four civilians. Additionally, four other suspects remain under investigation to ascertain their identities.

At present, authorities have apprehended five individuals, identified publicly only as Pol. Sen. Sgt. Maj. Atthawut, a 52-year-old former Khan Na Yao police officer and purported ringleader of the gang, Mr. Theerachai, 36, Mr. Nophasin, 39, Pol. Sgt.Phuwadet, 28, and Ms. Jarunet, 33. Among the fugitives is 1SGT. Virayuth, a 28-year-old Phaya Thai police officer, who allegedly played a pivotal role in the ransom plot.

One of the victims, identified as Mr. Yang, a Chinese national, purportedly exchanged digital currency valued at 65,000 USD or 2.5 million baht.

According to police accounts, one of the suspects, Ms. Jarunet, confessed to her involvement, stating that she was instructed to meet the Chinese group for a cash exchange using a digital currency card swiping device. The Chinese group sought to convert digital currency into Thai baht and sought out an intermediary. Jarunet then relayed the details to 1SGT. Virayuth, who orchestrated the deception. Jarunet was directed to feign victimhood to dupe the Chinese businessmen, orchestrated by the group posing as law enforcement officers.

However, the entire operation was a sham, and the suspects extorted money from the Chinese businessmen, initially demanding 5 million baht but settling for 2.5 million baht. Upon receiving the ransom, the suspects divided the money into 11 shares based on their roles, as disclosed by the police.

Presently, two additional suspects have been identified, with arrest warrants requested from the Thai criminal court. Further investigation is underway to apprehend the remaining suspects and ensure they are held accountable for their actions.

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