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Out-of-work Thai ladyboy is using her D-Cup breasts to help sell spicy salad

An out-of-work Thai ladyboy has started selling spicy salad to survive during the Covid-19 pandemic that has ravaged the country’s tourism industry. 

Nitchanan Thakwang, or Jae Korn, 38, used to entertain tourists at bars in Chiang Mai province before she switched to selling local delicacy Somtam, or spicy green papaya salad.

Footage shows the beautiful transgender woman wearing a tight top to show off her D-cup breasts while cooking the salad in front of customers at her new street food stall.

Locals were attracted to the stall named ‘Somtam Yok Nom’, which means “shaking boobs salad” in Thai.

Nitchanan’s breasts wobble as she pounds the pestle into a mortar before adding fresh ingredients into the dish.

She said shaking her large bosom while preparing the food helps to attract more customers.

Jae Korn said: “My somtam salad bar has been here for more than a month now. People who buy food from other shops gather here to watch and order my salad.

“With my sexy shakes, I have been making more profit, which helps in covering for my family’s expenses a lot.”

The prices per dish starts at 40 Baht (around 1.3USD) but not more than 100 Baht (3.20USD) for the other special dishes. She sells at least thirty dishes per day.

One of her loyal customers, Siraket Panjoon, 23, said: “I always order my favourite dish here several times a week. My family also agrees that her dance moves are as hot as the the spicy salad.”

Thailand’s tourism industry – which last year accounted for up to 20 per cent of GDP – has been obliterated by the coronavirus, with holidaymakers banned since March 22.

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