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Redefining Accessibility in Pattaya

Redefining Accessibility in Pattaya

At the Phra Mahatai Centre, also known as the Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College for People with Disabilities, an elevator, once left to decay, has been revived, poised to transform accessibility along Sukhumvit Road.

“The revival of the elevator marks the beginning of a new era of inclusivity, providing a safe passage for those navigating the bustling streets.”

This repaired elevator represents more than just a means of mobility; it embodies hope for individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and young children, ensuring they can move through the urban landscape with dignity and convenience. However, behind this success lies a story of neglect. Despite the flashy infrastructure projects in Pattaya, many often fall into disrepair shortly after their grand unveiling, leaving residents trapped in a cycle of broken promises. Yet, amidst this pattern of neglect, the Redemptorist Centre for Persons with Disabilities emerged as a champion of advocacy, leading the charge for restoration. Their relentless efforts caught the attention of Mayor Poramet Ngampichet, who pledged to rectify past mistakes.

In response to the center’s advocacy, Mayor Poramet mobilized Pattaya City’s Engineering Department to investigate the flaws in the overpass design, uncovering the root causes of the elevator’s deterioration, as reported by Pattaya Mail.

“With unwavering commitment, we will strengthen our infrastructure, sparing no expense to prevent future setbacks.”

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