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Affiliate Marketing Made Simple A Step-by-Step Guide by 365

365 Learning

Recognising that people are suffering in these COVID-19 times and that many have lost their incomes and need to earn money and understanding that many would love to take advantage of their time availability forced upon them by the pandemic the founders searched for a solution.



They looked around and finally combined two expanding market trends allowing people to ‘self-develop’ in preparation for the ‘New Dawn’ while enabling them to earn a much needed income.



Consequently, learning 365 was born, combining two platforms allowing people to gain the knowledge and techniques to achieve personal success while providing an associated wealth generating business opportunity.



Moving towards more inclusive and collaborative approaches with current digital education trends also moving towards more engaging formats, E-Learning is rapidly becoming the dominant means to pass on knowledge to those of all ages.

Additionally, they recognized that 2020 saw the dawn of a new business model gaining lots of attention and notoriety on the internet, SMART CONTRACT decentralized opportunities.



However virtually every one didn’t have a product or deliver anything of value to the members when they paid, they only made money for the promoters and anonymous administrators.



They are decentralized meaning NO owners, NO management, NO company, NO people to screw it up.



Everything is programmed into the digital (smart) contract to ensure that every process that ensures the success of a project / business works exactly as intended with NO human intervention.



No one touching the money, no one to run off with the money, no one to make BAD decisions.

365 Affiliate Marketing


I personally know that it works because it personally worked for me. So, quite simply, yes affiliate marketing really does work. You really can earn a living with 365.

Two huge growing industries combined on one platform – Learning 365!

Learning 365 provides a complete online learning facility with a myriad of products in numerous categories focusing on one important element – HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE coupled with an Affiliate Network having an extremely lucrative Rewards program where all payments are made via a ‘smart contract’ ensuring both SAFE AND INSTANT PAYMENTS to members!

Learning 365 recognises the need of individuals to develop specific knowledge and skills in relation to career advancement and personal success.

By focusing on specific categories, their self-educating customers can select products to suit their personal needs from a number of specific categories.

With everything downloadable this allows individuals to grow at their own pace within their own time frames.

In addition, Learning 365 has developed an exciting Affiliate Reward Program that provides its entrepreneurial customers a path to earn extremely high incomes simply by sharing the Learning 365 concept with like-minded people – This Is Why Learning365 is so hot!

Learning 365 has merged the best of both worlds – Smart Contract and E-learning – providing products and secured earnings all rolled into one exciting business

✅ Customers get real e-learning products for every purchase or upgrade

✅ Affiliates earn INSTANT commissions on all referrals and can earn INSTANT commissions on people in their team as they upgrade whether referred or not.


Make Money 





Learning 365 is NOW IN PRE-LAUNCH STAGE, your chance to finally get in at the top!

affiliate program

AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAMME for everyone 365 days a year made easy

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