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Thailand ties with Brazil in number of sex workers

Thailand ties with Brazil in number of sex workers

According to statistics released by the International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW), Thailand ranks eighth globally in terms of its sex industry workforce, boasting approximately 250,000 individuals employed in this sector. China leads the tally with an estimated 5 million sex workers. The rankings, unveiled in October 2023, encompass various facets of the industry, including prostitution, phone sex, webcam modeling, strip clubs, and platforms like OnlyFans.

India secures the second spot with around 3 million sex workers, trailed by the United States (1 million), the Philippines (800,000), Mexico (500,000), and Germany (400,000). Brazil and Thailand share the same figure of 250,000 each.

However, it’s important to note that these rankings are based on estimations, as there hasn’t been an official survey conducted to determine the precise number of sex workers. A 2015 survey by Havocscope, focusing on illicit enterprises worldwide, approximated that there were approximately 13.8 million sex workers globally.

The IUSW projects that the global number of sex workers has surged to around 52 million individuals, with roughly 41.6 million being female and 10.4 million male. Anticipating further growth, especially with the advent of online sex-related services, the union expects the industry to continue expanding.

In Thailand, where prostitution is illegal, the substantial revenue generated by sex workers—reportedly around $6.4 billion annually—is not factored into the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Consequently, this omission exposes sex workers in Thailand to various risks, including coerced prostitution, violence, and a lack of labor-related rights and benefits, such as medical coverage and legal protection, as highlighted by the IUSW.

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