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Highway police scurry to save face after cop issues 1,123km/hour speeding ticket

Highway police scurry to save face after cop issues 1,123km/hour speeding ticket

The chief at the highway department went ballistic after one of his underlings issued a ticket for a car going just under the speed of sound.

Apparently the white Chevrolet pictured with the fine sent out on the 19th of March was doing 1,123 kilometers an hour – approaching Mach 1! Pretty impressive for a standard car, don’t you think.

A picture of the ticket was shared onto a Facebook fan page called “Sanap Sanun Patiroop Tamruat” (promoting police reform).

Red faced highways chief Somchai Kaosamran then went on the Line application to demand that whoever had filled the form in wrong be punished.

Unfortunately for police, but luckily for us, this exchange also found its way into the public mainstream and it didn’t take long for the issue to escalate.

It was found that the ticket should have read a more reasonable 123 kmp/h for the offence committed on Route 1.

Somchai assured the public that the speeding limit was 90 kilometers per hour but that some leeway is usually given. How much leeway is anybodies guess.

Source: Thai Rath


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