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BTS Did not drop the price down today

BTS Did not drop the price down today

As we can see today, there is a misunderstanding about the fare.

BTS doesn’t drop the fare, for help out that misunderstanding Render Thailand has tried to spread the news, that wasn’t asked by the BTS company.

BTS has a new price tag on the original label with 16 – 44 baht.        Due to obtaining information the fares on the Royal Cremation Ceremony, the fare will not be dropped except the extension area which it’s controlled by Bangkok gov.

By Obtaining information the free of charge fares of BTS will be somewhat more complex than any other lines to separate between the city (Morchit – OonNooch / Stadium-Wongwienyai). with the extension as follows.

25-27 October – free for the extension parts only                                             (due to this part, Bangkok gov. look after this part)

26 October – free all the time, all the lines

After October 27th, we’ll keep the regular fare.

Source: Render Thailand



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