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3 Foreigners and human trafficking mama arrested

3 Foreigners and human trafficking mama arrested

The Immigration Police Reported on the 6th of this month (September 2019) on 4 arrests that recently took place. There are 2 cases involving the arrest of a Korean citizen, a Mongolian pickpocket gang, and the arrest of a Thai human trafficking mama who lured girls to Italy.

The first arrest is a Korean man that has been hiding for over 10 years. He is in a fraudulent case in South Korea with damages of 144 Million Won or 5 Million THB. Sung Jin 61 years old was arrested in his room at a condominium located in Suan Luang, Bangkok. The suspect invited businessmen to invest in a road trip to drive through other countries. The case took place between 2009 to 2010. Sung Jin has been hiding in many countries and was arrested here in Thailand.

Sung Chun 39 years old another Korea man was arrested at a hotel on Ekkamai 26, Bangkok. The suspect is a drug leader who will find drugs in Thailand and smuggle them into South Korea. The police arrested a member of his gang in February of this year that leads to Sung Chun’s arrest. Communications between the buyer to seller takes place on the Telegram application.

The next case is the arrest of a Mongolian pickpocket gang. The police received a report from a Thai victim who was pickpocketed at the Siam BTS Station in Bangkok. The 3 suspects were found still walking around the Skytrain station on the same day. The police invited the victim to point out the suspects where they found the victim’s phone along with 13 pieces of evidence that were stolen from other victims on the same day. There was 1 other person involved, but he managed to getaway.

The last case is the arrest of Kularb Rampung a Thai woman. Kularb has been lying to Thai women inviting them to go to work as maids in Italy. Instead of finding them proper jobs as promised, she sold them by prostitution to buyers in Italy. Kularb was in the prosecution process but she ran out of Thailand while the case was taking place in 2009. Kularb changed her name and was traveling in and out of Thailand. She was exposed when a Surin Immigration Officer discovered her secret.





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