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27 year old fakes being abducted to get money from parents

27 year old fakes being abducted to get money from parents

Vichian 47 years old and Janya 45 years old came to the Udon Thani Police Station on the 5th of this month (September 2019) to tell the police that their son’s abduction was fake as they previously came to file a report on the abduction on the 3rd. Turns out that Anucha 27 years old called the parents one day stating that a group of men had abducted him because he borrowed some money from a loan shark and they demanded 40,000 THB in exchange with his release.

The parents live in Sakon Nakhon Province, but the son told them he was abducted in Udon Thani so the parents came to file a report with the Udon Thani Police. The parents were extremely worried for their son’s safety and asked the police for help. After the news went public the son called the parents on the 4th at 4 am to admit that he was safe. The son told them he made the story up, but he still wanted the 40,000 THB.

Vichian stated that his son has graduated from University and worked as a teacher in a private school for 6 months. He quit his job because he wanted to become a singer but it didn’t work out. He wanted the 40,000 THB to pay back his friend, not a loan shark. When his son was studying, he would regularly ask for money to pay for school stationary 5,000 – 10,000 THB per time.

They hoped that he would have stopped making excuses up for money since he finally graduated, turns out that wasn’t the case. When the son called them about the abduction as they were extremely worried because they didn’t have the 40k and didn’t know where to find the money. Vichian earns 10,000 THB per month.

The parents are not mad at the son and they hope he would come home.




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