Aussie man and son die trying to fix water pump


Aussie man and son die trying to fix water pump

An Australian man and his young son die of electrocution yesterday afternoon after trying to repair the pump for their swimming pool in Rayong province.

The bodies of Andrew Fenwick, 66, and his son Jason, 10, were found at about 4:30pm near the pump in a storage room on their property. The father still had the wrench in his right hand while the son’s left hand was clinging to a nearby iron gate, reported Thai PBS.

The boy had visible burns on the left side of his body, left hand, and face.

Due to the nature the bodies were found in, police suspect that approximately 3 hours had passed since the incident.

The boy’s mother, Somrudi Krailob Fenwick, 41, was not at home when the accident happened but rushed back when a neighbor called her to alert her to the situation.

Authorities learned of the accident when the couple’s younger son, Justin, 4, was crying and told a guard at the housing development that his father was dead.

The two bodies are at the Institute of Forensic Science where an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Source: Coconuts

  • paulk

    Horrible story. RIP.

  • ken

    Notice how this RFD was conveniently “not at home”. These women are experts at creating alibis when a death occurs, not that they need one anyway. This incident was precipitated because of the faulty wiring on the premises. I wouldn’t change a light bulb in this wasteland. For my home repairs I secure a Thai man and in the case of a tragic accident, its a win win situation for all involved.

    • Seviyor Beni

      LOL … yes, this woman wanted to kill her husband and her child. She was soooo deviance that she waited around for JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT … when they were both working on the water pump. (She probably even sabotaged it in the first place) … wait, wait, wait … boy is stand in a pool of water holding the iron fence, husband is standing in same water touching pump, … ok .. wait .. ok .. NOW NOW NOW !!!!!! …. go go go … NOW. .. HIT THE SWITCH NOW (remembered to wear gloves so no finger prints)… BANG, … GOT THEM, jing jing. muahahahamuahahahamuahahaha ….
      . … I am SURE that’s how it happened ….

      • Ken Anderson

        I bet you are not too far off the mark there.
        Her hillbilly family will already be on their way to inhabit the house, which for sure will have been funded by the deceased in the name of this rice farmers daughter.
        It will not take them all long to squander what remains of Andrews cash and turn this splendid looking residence into a slum. Then at this time they will all disappear back to their hillbilly community and the RFD will find her next victim.
        As for the child, the RFD will soon get over her loss, this will just be seen as collateral damage, she will soon be able to knock a replacement out.

        • paul

          mad ken sado how soon can you leave for singapore

          • Brits go home

            As soon as you buy him a ticket

    • pompeypaul

      So although you are constantly describing all Thai men as lazy and useless, you are not capable of doing any menial tasks yourself and have to employ a Thai to do them. What a pathetic inadequate loser you are. I thought you only employed Thai men on your frequent trips to Sunee Plaza.

      • ken

        There is a difference between being capable of performing a task and choosing to have a disposable Thai man do it but not surprisingly you seem incapable of understanding that. Trust you have a feeling of fulfillment and enrichment now that you’ve hit me with the usual internet name calling and trolling words and the gay bit at Sunee Plaza is quite original too. I speak the truth and if you and your ilk don’t like it, you’re free to counter it with facts. I dare you to so do as oppose to your puerile insults which are so hurtful to others but not to this Soldier as I will keep marching on to victorious monument of truth!

        • The Groover

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  • Ok now

    Yes you would think a engineer would be smart enough to turn the power off at the mains before doing any electrical work around the house …………….you have to wonder if someone flicked the switch back on ???…………….I guess getting finger prints around the electricity mains to see who touched it last would be just too logical ???

    • Seviyor Beni

      I think he was just not smart enough.

    • Sly

      I’ve had electricians at my house and turned the power off for them after they started work. Sometimes the lights are on but nobody’s is home.

      • Brits go home

        “Sometimes the lights are on but nobody’s is home” This so apt applies to a fly like you.

        • Sly

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  • Seviyor Beni

    LOL .. seriously? Whatever happened to the Darwin Awards? Is that still a thing on the internet? WTF? .. hahahahahaha

    • JLD

      Grow up and show some respect. A young boy and his father die in a tragic accident and you’re making jokes??

      • Its nature you gimp, you play with fire and you get burned, pay a Thai sparky to get electrocuted period!

        • JLD

          Survival of the fittest or not, you’ll never justify pathetic jokes about a dead 10 year old boy…Trivialising death doesn’t make you sound tough and street smart – it makes you sound like a moron, impressing no-one. And there’s only one gimp in this P1 circus, and that’s you, sunshine…

          • Seviyor Beni

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      • Seviyor Beni

        Not a joke. You do stupid things … you die … survival of the fittest … ie. DARWIN AWARDS … he was very STUPID to be working on a 220v system while standing in water (probably wearing flip flops for shoes) . Why is it not OK to make fun of stupid people? …

  • Brits go home

    RIP to this man and his son. I hope (but doubt) that the dumbest of our daily posters (Ken, The Drooler, La Motta) will refrain from posting the disgusting comments they usually post disrespecting the dead.

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    • paul

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  • Daily69

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  • René Martin

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    • UMPA

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  • amazingthailand

    66 years old a son of 10 and a rfd of 41. Actually she couldnt have dream a better happy ending.

  • Jason Wynn

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  • brian

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  • Lee Morrow

    A father and son have lost their lives yet idiots on here post pathetic disgusting comments, you should hang your heads in shame you pathetic excuses for human beings. RIP Father and Son !