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What makes a great steak restaurant?

Pattaya is well known for foodies, Tourists flock here time and time again, because of the choice of food options, and you will always find a food critic sat anywhere in Pattaya.

Beaches we are not that well known for, but food definitely! There are a few steakhouses in Pattaya so a good choice but what make a great steakhouse?

Steak is one of the most popular options for dining out, whether it’s a special occasion or just a good old-fashioned night on the town.

And what comes to mind when you think of a really good steakhouse? A comfortable atmosphere, highly skilled kitchen and waiting on staff, and incredible cuts of beef are probably on the list.

Qualities of a Great Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse & Grill Pattaya

1. High quality beef

First and foremost is the beef. There is no point in indulging in a steakhouse dinner that isn’t centered on high quality cuts the best steaks are always fresh and never frozen, boldly seasoned and expertly grilled.

2. Varied menu

Whilst you may be a steak lover, yet perhaps your partner prefers salad or Pasta, maybe your daughter is more familiar with a burger, or fish and chips, it’s important to be able to please many rather than just have single men tucking into a fillet whilst the wife and kids look on waiting to go for an Italian after.

3. Perfect preparation

Even the highest quality beef is no good if it isn’t prepared well. Most steakhouses broil their steaks at incredibly high temperatures and finish them with a sear. This gives you that slightly crusty exterior and juicy interior that steak lovers crave. A perfectly cooked steak doesn’t need much seasoning beyond salt and pepper, and should be cooked exactly to your liking when it hits the table.

4. Knowledgeable staff

Steakhouse staff should know their product inside and out. Not only should the waiter be able to answer any and all of your questions about the different cuts of beef on the menu — they should be able to offer quality recommendations for sides and drinks. There’s nothing like going in with high expectations and being let down by a waiter who doesn’t know the score.

5. Impeccable service

Let’s face it, service matters. A great steakhouse experience includes servers who are attentive, but not bothersome — enthusiastic, but not too much. A great waiter or waitress feels themselves sat at the table and instinctively knows when one needs a top up before they even ask.

5. Inviting atmosphere

The restaurant design of LongHorn Steakhouse is inspired by the American West. With long private bench seats to keep junior where you can see him and toddlers may feel safer, and or individual more romantic tables for just two You want a restaurant with some background noise but where you can still hold a conversation at your table, and where you and your party have enough space to enjoy your meal without feeling crowded in by other tables.

6. Fair prices

No one chooses a steakhouse when looking for a cheap meal, but that doesn’t mean that the experience should be a rip-off either. Compare menus across multiple restaurants to make sure that prices are fair and match the quality of the experience. Splurging will be worth it if the experience is perfect, but no one wants to pay a huge bill for a lackluster meal.

In Thailand you will get a great price at Longhorn that matches an expat retirees pocket for a great night out and tourists will have plenty left over to go for a night on the town.

Choosing the Perfect Steakhouse

If you do your research before making a reservation, you’ll have better chances of having a great experience through and through. Not every steakhouse can meet all of these criteria — but when you find one that does, stick with it!

At LongHorn Steakhouse we know how to make steaks the right way! We are America’s favorite full-service restaurant and make real people feel real special right here in Pattaya!


Degust nicely cooked fillet steaks, beef fillet and medium steaks at this restaurant.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try delicious beer or good house wine.

The homely atmosphere of LongHorn Steakhouse allows visitors to relax after a hard working day.

Many guests point out that the staff is courteous at this place. Fabulous service is something clients like here.

This spot provides meals at great prices.

This restaurant is rated high by its guests.

Phone: 081 860 1575

Address216/47-48 Pattaya 2nd Rd.

Opposite mike shopping mall

inside Plaza Shopping Arcade

Pattaya City, Chon Buri, Thailand

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