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Thailand needs to be more creative with Digital CEO PTT warns

Thailand digital economy

Auuttapol Rerkpiboon told the Press Today that social and economic transformations require more innovation.

Thailand needs climate change and quality of life innovation to establish a digital economy, Auttapol added.

Auttapol suggested renewable energy, CCS, and CCU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Thailand.

“Renewable energy can help Thailand reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while CCS and CCU will allow emitters to absorb, store, and use them,” he said.

Auttapol remarked that several countries are researching solar and wind energy options to address climate change and called for greater cooperation to develop these technologies.

Thailand has potential in agriculture, next-generation automotive, and medical technologies, according to Auttapol.

He claimed smart farming and farm management need AI to boost agriculture production and sales.

smart farming pattayaone
smart farming Thailand

“32% of Thais work in agriculture,” he remarked.

Auttapol cited Thailand’s electric vehicle development as an example of government support’s benefits. He advocated for battery manufacturers and charging stations to develop related technology.

Electric cars could be charged in just nine seconds

Thailand had great medical technology potential, especially as it ages.

Auttapol said relevant agencies should help expand medicine manufacturing for older patients, robotics, and “future food,” adding that the country’s high-quality medical experts improved the medical sector’s potential.

He also advised Thai entrepreneurs to prioritize technology and work together to grow the digital economy.

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