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Pedestrian Struck by Taxi Driver at Asiatique

Pedestrian Struck by Taxi Driver at Asiatique

A pedestrian was struck by a taxi while crossing a road at a designated crosswalk in front of Asiatique The Riverfront in Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok. The incident, captured in a video shared by Thai social media users, quickly spread online and led to public outcry, prompting Wat Phraya Krai police officers to release details of the accident. Authorities were informed of the incident at 1:36 pm on April 23.

Upon reaching the scene, emergency services and police found the taxi driver, identified as Patsathi, a 58-year-old man, and the victim, Thanat, a 44-year-old man. According to Patsathi’s account to the police, he failed to stop at the crosswalk light while driving outbound on Charoen Krung road, resulting in the collision with Thanat and causing him injuries.

The incident drew criticism from Thai social media users, highlighting concerns about the lack of strict enforcement of traffic laws in Thailand, as well as the leniency in punishing traffic violators, as pointed out by some individuals like TPN.

Following the accident, Thanat was promptly taken to a nearby hospital for urgent medical treatment by emergency services. Meanwhile, the police launched an investigation and gathered evidence from local CCTV footage to support potential legal actions.

Patsathi admitted to his mistake, with his statement documented in a daily record as evidence. However, authorities are awaiting a medical report on Thanat’s condition from the attending physicians before deciding on further legal steps against Patsathi. The report will play a crucial role in determining the appropriate legal measures to be taken.

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