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Why 90% of marketing falls flat

90% of marketing is boring!

You are advised by every online marketing guru that content is king, and that you need to get blogging and that all the top fortune 500 companies CEO’s have a blog.

Every scantily clad girl on Instagram claims to be a blogger!?  

So you write blog and publish till you are blue in the face:

 But is anyone listening??

Sadly more content does not equate to more leads, and eventually the main goal, I hope for you dear reader, is more time to do whatever you want, I wish people would define their dreams more succinctly, but that’s another blog for another day.

Surely the goal for any digital creator, blogger <wince> is to go viral overnight and get some piece of content shared by millions. Imagine you wrote something so sublimely simple and clever, and endearing about you and your product/service so that the entire Internet population floods you contact form with:

“How do I buy?”

Job done , go home, buy that house , go skiing, scuba diving, buy that engagement ring, switch on the electric for the winter <sorry UK pals>  fly to meet family, the things that dreams are made of.

But why does so much content end up just being thumbed down on the phone. Ignored, disregarded, not interested?

One reason and one reason only:


If you want to grab the internet by the balls in this day and age you have got to touch the heart strings. Emotions transcends cultures and languages, if your content explores the feelings your product or service actually offers then you will be doing better than billions of marketing people online.

No one wants to be sold to, however, make them feel an emotion and they will listen! When we sit with potential clients, we want to explore deeper and always ask:

What do you want your potential clients of your product/service to feel?

Restaurants do not sell food, they sell experience, family and friendships, the top advertiser’s create a made for screen advert for a restaurant with mood lighting, happy feelings of time off with the people you love! The food they serve is the byproduct of the emotions they create.

Gyms don’t sell pain, they sell attraction and respect.

Coke struggled to sell their drinks until a smart marketing person told them to sell the aaaah,…

The aaaah? You ask.

Watch any soft drink advert it’s full of friends and excitement, usually a concert, and the young handsome trendy, popular, lad swigs from the can and ….what do they sell again?

Apple sells cool, they have to, you would not pay $1000+ for a phone if you were not image conscious and Apple made you feel superior! Again it’s all feelings.

But what if your product is quite mundane.

Then you find the feelings that stem off from that.

A good example of this is the manhole covers manufactures that are our UK clients, they were so skeptical when I sat in their office a few years back now, I listened to what they do, they were almost embarrassed by how mundane they were, but they were a thriving business.

I went home had a think and went back with an idea of exploring the environmental impact of their product, and how they make it safe for people to walk past drive overhead and how their silent little product made people’s lives safer, and of course in our advert we made for them we had the little infant child with Mum on the way to school standing right next to their manhole and being 100% safe from any dangers that lurk in the sewers.

They don’t sell manhole covers they sell environmentally clean health and wellbeing!

Number of Specialised Clinics for Pollution-Related Symptoms to Increase: Public Health Ministry

If every business looked deeper and asked what is the emotion they are selling and made their content with more compassion and a sense of civic duty then they would get so much more engagement and develop their brand much more robustly.

Your company brand is the core of your businesses, it is what sorts out the Men from the Mice, if you don’t know why you do what you do, or what you want your clients to feel about your business, then your brand just dilutes so quickly and everyone forgets you quickly and you will not do it for very long.

AX Media is a branding and marketing company with a difference in that we will find your why and if you don’t really have one and can’t handle the truth don’t call us, we will find the emotions and develop your brand strategy to a level where your new worry will be will you have enough stock for demand!

We make people listen to your USPs and feel your business;

Contact AX Media today if you are brave enough for a brand revaluation!

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