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Thai wife hires mistresses for husband

The wife of a Thai man is seeking three “beautiful and educated” women to keep her husband happy.

Pattheema Chamnan, 44, has been advertising for the role with videos and revealed she has shortlisted two women so far.

Speaking from her Bangkok apartment, she said she has not been sleeping with her husband and it makes her feel like a bad wife.

She has sent out a call for young, single women with a college diploma and has offered a wage of £342, the region’s minimum wage as the salary for the services.

Pattheema said: “My husband has been working hard alone and I just want him to be happy. I will also have friends to be with at home.

“The candidate should not have a child as it will become a burden. They have to look presentable and communicate well.

“It is important that they can please my husband physically. He is a man and needs that, he still has a high drive and lots of energy.

“His mistresses must also be able to keep him company and entertain him, so they must have a good personality and be fun.”

Pattagorn said he is not against the idea (Image: ViralPress)

The couple runs a family business together in the coastal province of Samut Prakan.

Pattheema revealed she has been struggling recently with chronic depression and this is the reason behind her wanting to find some extra help in the household.

She added: “I want to find mistresses for my husband as I am struggling physically. I have chronic depression and I feel like I can’t take care of my husband well.

“I haven’t been sleeping with my husband and it makes me feel like I’m not a good wife.”

Her husband Pattagorn said it came as a surprise when he found the video circulating online on July 3, but was not against his wife’s idea.

He said: “My wife told me she wanted to find somebody to take care of me.

“The women will also be treated like family and work in our company like family. I was shocked when I found out about it.

“Other men that wish to be like me should communicate with their wives about it. They should ask their wives for permission so there won’t be problems in the future.

“I never wanted to have any mistress but since my wife is offering, I won’t reject.”

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