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Local repair shop with an unusual pet

The owner of a motorbike repair shop with her beloved pet – a giant pig!!

Reports had been circulating that a rather large pig was startling customers at a local motorbike repair shop here in Pattaya, so we though we better get down there to check it out.

It turns out that the owner of of the shop has been raising the 4 year old massive pig as a pet.

What’s wrong with getting a dog or cat? Well, those days are in the past I’m afraid and it’s all about raising giant pigs.

The owner said it was love at first sight, as she told reporters that she bought the pet when he was only a few weeks old.

As you can imagine, judging by the size of it, the food bills are certainly not cheap. The pig eats pretty much anything that is put in front of him, and never seems to be full, says the owner, who tries to limit the pigs food in case he gets too big.

I reckon it’s probably a little too late for that though.

Unfortuntely, the pet is kept mainly indoors as not everyone shares the same views as the owner towards her beloved pig. Luckily pigs don’t need much exercise and are more than happy to laze about the house all day, occasionally getting up when food is around.

Sounds like my wife.


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