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Two day midweek umbrella ban and no food as Pattaya beaches “returned to tourists”

New proposals being made at Pattaya town hall will see umbrella and seating operators further restricted and a total ban on selling food on the beach.

Pattaya authorities have said that the moves are designed to return the beaches in Pattaya and Jomtien to tourists and improve cleanliness, reported Pattaya News.

In a swathe of new measures proposed yesterday the town hall said that:

1. All 118 operators of umbrellas and seating would in future be more limited to where they can operate. The size of their plots will be increased slightly but they will only be allowed to have one each.

2. There will be a “drawing of straws” each year to decide who gets to set up in which location. This will be held just once annually.

3. No one will be allowed to operate on Wednesday or Thursday of every week. Operators must pack up their umbrellas and seating on Tuesday evenings so that the local authority can mount a cleaning exercise.

4. Operators will be forbidden from serving any food. tables to eat on will not be allowed to be set up.

The recommendations will now be discussed at a larger committee of the council, reported Pattaya News.

Source: Pattaya News

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