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Pattaya police ordered to get their act together

Pattaya police ordered to get their act together

After a recent inspection of Pattaya’s finest, it has been brought to the attention of the Pattaya chief that most are not up to scratch.

Unfortunately, they are not concentrating on their performance, but more so their appearance. It is believed that a more presentable looking police force will give the locals and tourists a much better feeling of safety.

Haircuts were the first topic of the clean-up, with many officers being describes as having terrible haircuts. A standard short, back and sides was ordered for all officers.

As you can imagine, a mass stampede towards the local barbers shops followed with most shops struggling to cope with the sudden influx and reluctant customers. Reports suggest that roughly half of the 470 strong force were serviced, with the rest having to wait until today.

As reluctant as most of them were to get their new haircuts, they had very little choice. It was pretty much a case of get your haircut or lose your job, as reports suggested that any officers failing to comply would be severely punished.

Once the haircuts are taking care of, attention will be swiftly moved onto the, let’s say chubby for want of a better word, members of the force.

Yes, any officers deemed to be overweight or generally unfit, will be marched straight down to the local gym, as well as having all their doughnuts taken away until they are in a good enough state to represent Pattaya’s finest.

Again, it looks like it will be a case of treadmill or no job. Let’s sit back and see how long this lasts.

Source: Sanook

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