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Local man sought help for ring stuck in genitals

ring genitals pattaya one Feb 14 2024

A 38-year-old Thai man required medical attention last Friday after an aluminum ring became stuck around his genitals.

The Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation rescue team was summoned to assist the unnamed Thai man in Pattaya on February 9th when a local hospital lacked the necessary equipment to remove the tightly stuck aluminum ring, often believed to aid in sexual endurance.

Reportedly, the victim found himself in this situation after trying to emulate a social media trend. He had come across a video online suggesting that wearing an aluminum ring in the genital area could enhance sexual stamina. Acting on this information, he purchased a ring online only to find that he couldn’t remove it after wearing it.

Entangled in a situation causing swelling, pain, and embarrassment, the victim initially hesitated to seek medical help. However, as the discomfort intensified, he eventually sought assistance from the local hospital. Unable to remove the ring themselves, the hospital staff reached out to the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation for their specialized equipment and expertise.

Following approximately 20 minutes of effort, the rescue team successfully removed the ring. Fortunately, the victim did not sustain any lasting injuries.


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