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2 Foreigners nabbed for stealing 1500 Baht worth of Cannabis

cannabis theft pattaya one feb 14 2024

The proprietor of a cannabis shop in Pattaya lodged a complaint against two foreign men for pilfering 1,500 baht worth of ganja from her establishment.

Sakun, a 48-year-old Thai shop owner, informed officers at Mueang Pattaya Police Station on February 13 that the cannabis shop, situated in Soi Pattaya Klang 12, was where the theft occurred. Sakun and her son were present in the shop at the time of the incident. She mentioned that the thieves were foreigners, but she couldn’t ascertain their nationalities.

Recounting the events, Sakun disclosed that two foreign men entered the shop together. One of them positioned himself at the front of the counter, feigning interest in each type of cannabis. Meanwhile, the other individual engaged Sakun, inquiring about the specifics of the products. During the interaction, one of the foreign thieves mentioned that he possessed a US$100 banknote and intended to return to the shop after exchanging the money. Subsequently, that individual exited the cannabis shop. The other foreign man perused the merchandise for a while before leaving without making a purchase. Sakun became suspicious of their behavior and decided to review the CCTV footage. Upon inspection, she discovered that the foreigners snatched two cannabis packages before departing. The combined weight of the products was about 2 grams, totaling a value of 1,500 baht.

Thankfully, the shop owner detected the theft when one of the foreign men accidentally dropped the stolen cannabis on the floor. Seizing the moment, the owner promptly recovered the pilfered items. Following this, the owner shared the CCTV footage with the public as a cautionary measure for other shops.

In response, Thai netizens encouraged the owner to report the incident to the police to deter other foreign thieves. However, there has been no update on whether the owner has initiated legal action.


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