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German’s night out turns out badly

German tourist pattaya one Feb 14 2024

A 46-year-old German tourist, Mike Groebiinghoff, accompanied by his Thai girlfriend, innocently attempted to find a parking spot in front of a bar. However, their evening took a distressing turn when a group of rowdy individuals from the Go-Go bar callously seized the space, provoking anger in the German tourist. Despite continuous honking from the couple, the staff remained stubborn and refused to move from the area.

This led to a heated argument that quickly turned into a violent confrontation, with Groebiinghoff being at the receiving end of the aggression from the individuals associated with the Go-Go bar, along with additional troublemakers. Distressed by the alarming experience, Groebiinghoff promptly sought police assistance, as reported by Pattaya Mail.

However, the pursuit of justice encountered a setback as initial inquiries revealed that essential CCTV footage from the location had mysteriously disappeared, with the bar management attributing it to technical issues. Undeterred, authorities advised Groebiinghoff to formally lodge a complaint at the Pattaya City Police Station.


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