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“Hot” Female mechanic keeps the boys coming back, says boss

“Hot” Female mechanic keeps the boys coming back, says boss

Boys in Korat will make up any excuse for a visit to the local mechanic shop these days, not for their motor, but more so because of the eye candy on show.

And we are not talking about cars either.

A young female office worker has swapped the daily grind in the office of Ais, in place of getting her hands dirty fiddling with motors all day.

The young lady goes by the name of “Nong Khao Fang” and is up to her eye balls in grease on a daily basis, just how she likes it, so she says. Brake pads and clutches is all she has been interested in for some time now and she now improves her skills repairing cars in the Hua Talee sub-district of the north eastern Thai province.

After Thai Rath reporters caught up with her in the middle of repairing a steering wheel, they came away convinced that the young lady is just as good as any man doing the same job.

Khao Fang’s real name is Phawida Yainguleuam and is still at the tender age of 24. She fell in love with the mechanic’s business from a very young age, after following in the footsteps of her father. She now runs the show, after taking over her father’s mechanic shop, named Santi Pha Brake (Brake pads).

She said that her father, who is now 51 years old, should take a back seat as age was creeping up on him.

After leaving university with a bachelors degree in marketing, Khao Fang went to work in the offices of AIS, but knew from the minute she walked in that it just wasn’t right for her. It didn’t take long before she quit her job and reverted back to what she knows, and does, best.

She said that men who come to the shop are often surprised especially as she is quite small but no one complains about her work.

She handles brake pads, oil changes, suspension issues and a host of under chassis work.

Source: Thai Rath

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