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Dumped cardboard box contained a ‘body’

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A man who found a cardboard box dumped beside a road was shocked when a quick look inside showed what appeared to be a woman’s body.

The man, who would not give his name, said he found the 50x100cm box in bushes beside a road parallel to Suvarnabhumi irrigation canal in Bangphli district on Thursday evening.

He cautiously opened it and saw woman’s hair. Shocked, he quickly left the box and phoned a help line, thinking a human body might have been dumped near his house.

Rescue workers arrived, opened the box up and found what looked like a hunched corpse wrapped in white cloth.

When the cloth was removed, a female body lay naked, face down. A closer look revealed it was a life-sized sex doll. The rescuers burst into laughter.

They handed the doll back to the finder, asking him to help “dispose of it properly”.

The man said it had been taken care of, but would not say how he “disposed” of it.

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