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Diary of Thailand my notes sex and all Part1


Well I landed in Thailand back in 1999 believe or not.

Wow when I first got to Bangkok it was crazy 24/7 drink ,girls ,crazy parties ,Non-Stop laughter fun sex.

It was great plus of course you always get the odd person that wants to scam you, but thats normal around the world.

Bangkok what a city I thought it was great out every night, going to different places meeting different people so so many girls.

This was the biggest candy shop I’ve ever seen ,well I thought I’d ever see .

The girl prices were unbelievable 6,000 total 4 girls 2 days , drink food, thai market, new dresses not included … there is always extras

Few days into the stay i had 4 girls in the bath tub with me ,i felt like Hugh Hefner on a budget, g strings and champagne for 48 hours , Time for a holiday.

NOTE to myself….i now know what and how it feels to have a happy ending massage , i thought happy was tea and cake ,,

That Saturday I decided to go down to a little place called pattaya and see what all the fuss was about, well when we arrived at the hotel it was full so many people checking in to the rooms.

Took a while to check in but the wait was worth it ,the girls netball team were checking intoo and the bars opposite were open ,fantastic views ,i just told the receptionist to take her time 🙂

I had a shower for some reason I was buzzing I was feeling alive different not trapped in like the big skyscrapers , brick walls and the concrete a Bangkok .

1999 Bangkok

I didn’t feel surrounded I didn’t feel closed in , I felt liberated and free.

I put my clothes and my best shoes ,looked in the mirror and thought well somebody’s going to love you tonight they always do .

When i came out of the hotel which was inside a soi ,i just carried on walking around everywhere ,every corner i turned , bar hot girls thousands of girls.

One thing is for sure there is always someone who wants to sell you something,

Here are a few things form just the one night >

Flowers , Viagra, Gel ,Hash, Watches, Gum, Spinning tops , Girls Clothes , Girls Shoes, Ping Pong Show Makeup , Girl ? , Bra , and many more .

One thing you have to remember is if they dont have it they can get it …

It was great to see so many people having so much fun it was nice to sit at the bar talk to some nice girls play some games ,nine times out of 10 you lose but they’ve been playing it a long time we’ve been playing it 5 minutes .

Right let’s have a game of pool I said it was a girl she was probably 19 very nice girl great smile we broke off , started the game of pool I couldn’t believe it it was like playing a world champion she was superb.

I brought her a drink we sat down we just carried on talking and talking and talking, we ended up going back to the hotel for the night which she just thought we were going for sex .

But to tell you the truth we did nothing except talk all night ,in the morning after a sleep we got up we went for breakfast and we carried on talking and believe me when I tell you we carried on talking for 2 days. ( yes i know what you are thinking ,get some sex}

Then we decided to have some sex .

Wow she was great she was fantastic I thought I’d met my dream girl, well that’s what I thought at the time

My my plan was to stay in pattaya for about 2 weeks but after meeting this girl I just wanted to stay forever like most people do so I decided to stay more and be with her most days .

I decided to take her out the bar as you do you pay the bar something, you take the girl out the bar and she stay together with you , and all the free time you need.

We spent hours and hours together walking and talking sex was great of course but we just had a great time, I thought everything was going great it felt fantastic ,but suddenly one day we were sitting outside.

Just then she said if you want to stay with me you have to pay me you understand that, which at the time I sort of got it but I didn’t get it .

I just thought that we were good together we were having a great time together it felt good but suddenly I found all of this was at a price.

In my head I did know that this time would come in a way in my heart of course I felt nothing only love for the girl, I had to decided then this was a go for me or not ,was I going to stay with one of the first girls I had met ?.

Was I just going to go out walk around night after night day after day and hope that I would find somebody the same or as good as her .

I decided that I would give her some money each month so she would be ok.

Besides being with me one thing I have to say is that most people will think you’ve paid the girl and that’s what she’s there for and that’s what you get each day.

Let me tell you the money that I gave her a month was 20,000 baht and of that that girl sent home 18,000 to a family and a child that I found out she had , which changed nothing between me and her we were happy

Most people you speak to say don’t pay the girls any money a month they’re only there for the money money money money that’s all they think of and that love is just something the same as going into the McDonald’s and saying I’ll have a big Mac .

Well sometimes it is true but a lot of times it’s not these girls are actually looking for love with a foreign man , to be with and love them and take care of paying the way .

Whatever they’re just looking for a better life can anybody blame them for that I cannot

Me and my wife have now been together over 20 years I still love the same as I did the first day I met her and she the same we have great kids we have a great family and life is good .

Through the years we’ve both worked with both taking care of each other and looked after each other ,myself I’ve been really sick with my heart and 10 years ago I stopped the drinking and the smoking today I still feel better my wife is still active looking after the house .

Outside it is paradise if you make it paradise but of course there’s also good side and a bad side everywhere in the world it just so happens that that I was in the right place at the right time.

I met the right girl I hope that you can find the girl that suits you and that you can live together as happy as I have been living together .

My wife and i hear stories all the time but you know it takes two to tango ,Thailand is a fantastic place there are so many places to visit and the people that are amazing life is what you make it.

I’ve made Thailand my home now for over 21 years and I don’t regret it for 1 minute I hope that you can find your love

I will post more from my dairy later with Pattaya one

Best wishes an OLD HAPPY MAN 🙂

The country’s first McDonald’s opened in Amarin Plaza in Ratchaprasong Bangkok in 1985, five years after Pattaya got a Pizza Hut and a year after KFC started cooking in Central Ladprao. Burger King arrived down the road in Siam Square in 1990

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