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3 Suspects in custody over horrific murder of Karaoke girl

3 Suspects in custody over horrific murder of Karaoke girl

Three out of the four suspects have been taken into custody over their involvement in the murder of a young Karaoke girl near to Khon Kaen.

The murder took place last week in which a young karaoke girl known as “Nong Em” was brutally murdered and chopped into pieces before being hidden in a wooded area.

Now three out of the four main suspects have turned themselves in, after the story gained so much media coverage and attention online.

A young male, aged 22 was the first to hand himself in. He admitted to being involved in the murder, but has stated that he did not commit the actual crime. His “job” was to drive the car in the planned attack.

More recently, two girls though to be involved in the murder have turned themselves in.

Priaw, 24, and Earn, 25, have handed themselves in to police.

Since then, a series of text messages between the two have surfaced online in which they can be seen not only talking about the murder, but also about a previous murder of a pregnant girl that has yet to be solved.

Priaw has also had her facebook posts shown, in which she states that she wants to go to jail to be with her boyfriend. She also posted a sick picture of the doll “Chucky” as a reference.

Police are convinced that the motive for the killing was because Nong Em alerted police to the gang, who were thought to have been selling drugs.

The final suspect yet to be caught is another female. It doesn’t look likely that she will be turning herself in any time soon, however, after posting a message on facebook that read something along the lines of:

“3 of my friends have been caught. If you think you are so clever, come and catch me if you can”

A taped interview with the male has also been released in which he confirms that the attack was planned. He drove the car with the three other suspects in. The spotted Em and physically kidnapped her.

Whilst in the car, a plastic bad was supposedly place over the head of Em by Priaw and then tied. Priaw then started punching, kicking and strangling Em, so much so, that she dies during the attack.

The gang then drove to a piece of land supposedly owned by Priaw in khon kaen, where they stopped off at a DIY show to buy tools.

He went on to say that Priaw then started cutting the body into pieces and discarding the remains in a wooded area, before making their escape.

Police will continue their interviews in the next few days and are still tracking down the fourth suspect.


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