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Why you should be blogging

blogging works

The online marketing community has given you a ton of reasons to begin your content marketing strategy, including S.E.O., branding, and immediate sales.

There is only one reason I recommend a content marketing approach to my clients, who are primarily startups and small businesses: to increase personal trust.

Be the Ace Face.

Bell Boy!!

When managing their content through blogs and press releases, small business owners typically make the mistake of trying to build their company brand. You must proudly wear your company’s logo on your chest and let people know that you are the company’s brand mainly because you are not yet big enough to do so. You are a holy duality, one and the same.

When you first start a business, you go out networking, where people say hello to you, look at your business card, and remember you first, because they can put your face to your company.

The converse is true in large corporations with well-known brands; do you picture a person when you think of Coke? UK television’s annual Coke advertisement always herald Christmas, and Santa comes to mind. Coca Cola were actually the first company to give Santa the image or the red coat!

For many years after starting the company, Steve Jobs served as the face of Apple. It took a long time for the company to surpass him as the brand.

Jobs or Apple?

Since you are branding yourself to begin with, I can only shake my head in frustration at those who continue to create a Facebook or LinkedIn profile with the name of their business. There is no longevity in business for you if you are afraid to be the face of your company. Quit right away, fire your accountant, and find a job.

You may still build your brand very effectively by using content marketing and social media to drive visitors to your content. For Facebook and Google advertisements, you do need some money, but if you research it, invest in yourself, and manage it correctly, it can really make a difference.

Behave yourself!

Your blog entries must persuade readers that you are sincere, compassionate, and willing to share enough knowledge to establish your expertise. More significantly, you must demonstrate how your knowledge will enhance readers’ lives.

What should you blog about if your company is rather routine?

If your business is dull, why do you do it? is the one question I hear the most. I challenge anyone to engage in such menial activity just for financial gain. We can all get by with it temporarily, but as a way of life? Naah

Find enjoyment in your work. For instance, I enjoy following a chimney sweep in the UK on Facebook because he consistently posts beautiful pictures of the rooftops in his workplace. According to him, one benefit of his profession is getting to observe the world in a way that most people don’t get to do on a daily basis. He promotes beauty from a distinct perspective.

In the USA, there is an Undertaker who creates beautiful eulogies for the persons he inters.

Find the feeling

There is a human emotion behind everything you do, so locate it and use it. Everyone who has succeeded on those godawful reality talent competition shows on television has a moving tale to tell.

I have a tendency to be a cold-hearted cynic; marketing has that effect on people.

Show me a community where no one has perished.

For instance, selling screwdrivers elicits feelings of pleasure in a job well done, safety for your family when your shelf remains securely fastened to the wall, and love and adulation when your wife notices what you have accomplished.

Nobody who is successful in business marketing sells goods or services; instead, they market feelings.

Once you’ve produced an engaging article and posted it on your website, you’ll need to establish a strong social media presence, which requires years of effort to build up a focused audience that will see your post on the major social media platforms and in targeted groups.

If your company is new, expanding your social media following will require a lot of effort and time. Purchasing likes or followers won’t be of any use.

Be persistent and Consistent

We are told that your ROE (Return On Effort) won’t come right away, but some people are lucky on their first blog post, which is similar to winning the lottery on your first try. After that, you have a difficult time controlling expectations!

Before responding to that crucial “call to action,” the vast majority of readers need to read 2-3 blogs each week and a few quality press releases. When you get to know your new customer, they more frequently admit to reading your content for roughly 2 months before they even considered contacting you.

Significant Partners

What you can do is create a blog post for a company that is well-known online, welcomes guest bloggers, and has a sizable social media following that you can use to promote your writing.

Pattayaone accepts well-written and educational guest posts, and for only $50 per blog, we share all articles that are published on one of our business sites, where we have over 500,000 reach on social media and site visitors. We also include licensed images and include links for you.

Reach out to us right away to promote your company.

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