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What is the perfect steak ?

Know steak? Then you Know Longhorn.

Pattaya foodies are spoiled for choice when it comes to steak, there is nothing like a juicy steak at a steakhouse with a choice of fries or Potatoes cooked how you like

Regardless of the occasion, steak is a favorite protein among meat eaters, and when given the proper cuts, its buttery tenderness goes above and beyond any other type of poultry or fish.   

How to Choose the Best Cut of Steak

There is no other piece of meat like steak. It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating something, looking forward to  lunch with family, or preparing for a Sunday BBQ; a steak is something we all look drool over.

The biggest question is, “What steak to eat?” Choosing the best cut of steak is not easy. With so many choices on the menu at the steakhouse or up in the meat section at the supermarkets, it can be tough to select the beef cut.

To make things easy, we’ve decided to put together a helpful guide to teach steak fans how to choose a quality cut of steak. We will also share a few characteristics that separate a good from an average one.

  • Marbling: You want long lines of marble, the white parts, rather than chunks. The more marbling the steak contains, the juicier it will taste.
  • Thickness: Thin steaks are challenging to cook and aren’t that impressive in taste. You want a steak that is at least one inch thick.

What Is the Best Cut of Steak?

While the saying up to you is prevalent with expats and Thais alike a bit of knowledge about steak will help so, if forced to pick the best cut of steak, we would probably go with the Rib eye cut.

It is the most favoured cut of steak of many people worldwide, and for obvious reasons. It comes from the cow’s rib area, meaning it contains a high amount of marbling, making the cut very tender and juicy. It doesn’t get better than Rib eye when eating a steak.

What Are the Best Cuts of Steak?

  1. Rib eye Steak
  2. T-Bone Steak
  3. Strip loin

Rib eye Steak

Rib Eye is the best steak on the market. This steak is found on the rib of the cow, hence the name; It’s tender because it doesn’t get much exercise. It’s also a muscle where a good amount of intramuscular fat tends to deposit; this fat, known as marbling, adds tons of moisture and flavor to a steak 

The high amount of marbling on the Rib eye is its distinguishing feature and makes the cut very tender, as you get a little salty bit of fat with each bite you take. 

Rib eye is known for being among the bigger cuts of and the marbling runs through all parts of the cut equally, making every bite as tender as the last.

The rib eye or “Rib eye” was originally, as the name implies, the center best portion of the rib steak, without the bone. In Australia, “Rib eye” is used when this cut is served with the bone in. With the bone removed, it is called “Scotch fillet“.

This steak is best handled only by the most experienced chefs because the cutting of a Rib eye steak is a true form of art in and of itself. It is complicated and easy to mess up. This is why you always find it at the fanciest steak houses, where chefs with requisite training have been thoroughly schooled in how to properly cut, cook, and prepare Rib eye steak.

At Longhorn Steakhouse you will find the best Australian Rib eye on the menu.

T-Bone Steak

A T-bone steak is about as classic as you can get when you think of the top cuts of steak. It is the standard image of an expensive steak and has made our list for good reason.

This steak is cut from the short loin of the animal and is basically a Beef chop like a pork chop or a lamb chop, and is tenderer because it is closer to the center of the cow’s stomach than the more robust rear of the animal.

The T-bone divides two different cuts of meat—top loin on one side, and tenderloin on the other—and people who enjoy this cut like it for the juiciness and tenderness found in both. This is why connoisseurs of quality steak love it. 

T-bone steaks tend to be some of the most expensive steak cuts, but not at Longhorn steakhouse!

These cuts of steak are usually featured at fine dining restaurants. But that does not mean the at-home cook cannot enjoy a nice T-bone with some proper cooking instructions. Make sure you do not overcook this steak, as that would take away from the tenderness and juiciness of the cut

Strip loin

The strip steak is cut from right behind the ribs of the cow, where there is not much muscle. This makes for a tenderer cut of steak. The strip steak makes up half of the T-bone cut of steak. Because this steak is so popular and has been around for decades in Steakhouses all over the world, it has many names. You may hear people refer to it as the New York strip, or the strip loin steak. Either way, it is a classic steak for those who enjoy their meat right in the middle of tender and tough. 

The strip steak has the exact amount of marbling, which always comes with a premium, but it is great quality cut for its price range.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the go-to wine for pairing with New York strip steaks, as its juicy black fruit notes provide a lovely contrast to the meatiness of the cut. Additionally, the tannins and acidity of Cabernet Sauvignon wine balances out the fattiness of the meat on the palate.

At Longhorn we have been perfecting the art of cooking steak and each dish is as good as the one before, and is why our clientele come back again and again, great service and a fine evening out.

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