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Video: Man With Huge Mouth Smokes More Than 150 Cigarettes At Once

Man With Huge Mouth Smokes More Than 150 Cigarettes At Once

Huge Mouth: What are people with big mouths good at doing?

Yes, that’s right, they’re good at talking. But they can also fit lots of things in there, as one big-mouthed man has proven.

Jim ‘Mouth’ Purol set a record in 2003 live on TV as he managed to fit 159 cigarettes in his mouth at once and smoke them all within five minutes. The record has never been topped and Mr Purol, now aged 66, recently recreated the feat, managing an impressive/stupid 130 cigarettes.

Credit: Caters

To complete the challenge, Mr Purol fits the equivalent of eight packets of cigarettes in his mouth, lights the ends with a blow torch and uses a fan to blow the smoke away and prevent him from passing out from smoke inhalation.

Prior to this, like any good athlete, Mr Purol stretches by squeezing two wine corks in his mouth and biting down on them, to reduce the risk of dislocating his jaw.

What makes the achievement all the more silly is the fact Mr Purol isn’t even a smoker; surprise surprise, the challenge gives him a ‘pretty powerful buzz’.

But if you’re reading this thinking, ‘wow, 159 cigarettes, I wonder what else he can fit in that mouth,’ then wonder no more. Mr Purol has also held records for holding 180 McDonald’s fries and 18 hot dogs in his mouth at once – they’re separate records by the way, though he could probably do 170 McDonald’s fries and one hot dog at the same time, if requested.

But if you’re reading this thinking, ‘OK, I am no longer curious about what he can fit in his mouth but I do wonder why he does this stuff,’ well, that’s a fair question. The comedian has been raising money for charity for the past four decades by attempting to set a world record every year.

In 1977 Mr Purol became the first person to perform an underwater drum solo. Two years on, he crawled 25 miles on his hands and knees. Ten years ago he set the record for most seats sat in in 48 hours, sitting in 39,250 seats.

… Is there anything this guy can’t do?!

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