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Twenty Four hour drinking in Pattaya Happing or not

Twenty Four hour drinking in Pattaya Happing or not

The announcement regarding the availability of 24-hour alcohol sales in Thailand’s Eastern Aviation City, located 60 kilometers from Pattaya, should not be cause for immediate celebration.

The sole component of the “City” that has been physically constructed thus far is the U-tapao airport. Consequently, the recent declaration by the interior ministry in the Royal Gazette serves to align the regulations with those governing passenger air terminals in Bangkok.

The remaining portion of the “City,” a prominent project within the Eastern Economic Corridor, is expected to require several years for its full realization.

However, the relaxation of alcohol regulations in Pattaya will increase efforts to extend the duration of drinking in the city of sin, surpassing the current 2 am limit, which is, ahem, inconsistently enforced.

Damrongriet Pinitkarn, the secretary of the lobbying group known as the Pattaya Entertainments Association, has been actively advocating for extended operating hours in order to increase revenue.

The two recently elected Members of Parliament (MPs) representing the Move Forward party in the constituency of Pattaya have expressed their intention to engage in advocacy efforts inside the newly formed legislative body.

All individuals emphasize the importance for bars and clubs optimizing their revenue in order to offset the economic downturn experienced during the epidemic. A comparable initiative is already underway in Phuket.

Considering the shared commitment of the previous military-backed government and the current ruling coalition to enhance the influx of international tourists, there is a compelling argument in favor of liberalizing regulations pertaining to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

According to a statement made by a local Member of Parliament (MP), it is highly probable that the drinking hours in designated tourist areas across the nation will be extended until 4 am. Additionally, the MP suggested the elimination of a peculiar regulation, initially implemented by a military junta during the 1970s, which currently limits the sale of alcohol in retail stores and convenience shops to the hours of 11.00 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to midnight. The probable timeframe for the occurrence is the upcoming year. It is not advisable to rush or hasten the Orient.

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