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Motobike collision with Porsche kills one

Motobike collision with Porsche kills one

The fatality occurred when a male individual, aged 25, experienced immediate death as a result of a collision between his motorcycle and a Porsche Cayenne automobile in the Sam Khok region, shortly before midnight on Saturday.

The local law enforcement authorities were notified of the occurrence of a vehicular incident on the Pathum Thani-Bang Pahan Road, specifically in the administrative subdivision of Chiang Rak Yai, at approximately 11:30 PM on Saturday.

The deceased individual has been identified as Thanawat Boonrat, a resident of tambon Bang Phud in Muang district, Pathum Thani. The Honda Lead motorcycle, which had incurred significant damage, was discovered in close proximity. The license plate was not located by law enforcement.

Additionally, present at the location was a recently manufactured Porsche Cayenne vehicle, bearing license plates from Bangkok. Law enforcement officers apprehended Jin Jin Lai, the 34-year-old Chinese owner of the business.

According to Sophee Boonrat, the mother of the deceased individual, her son had informed her in advance that he intended to shower and thereafter join her to partake in the consumption of cake, in celebration of her birthday. According to her statement, he cohabitated with his spouse.

Prior to the occurrence of the collision, the local law enforcement authorities were apprised of the convergence of a cohort of motorcycles in close proximity, with the intention of engaging in an illicit street racing activity. The biker involved in the deadly collision with the Porsche Cayenne, along with other individuals present, hastily departed the scene upon the arrival of law enforcement officers.

 (Photo: Pongpat Wongyala)

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