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Speedboat group in Pattaya ends in a brawl over to customer dispute.

Incident Involving Speedboat Group at Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya City, Chonburi Province, Ends in Brawl Among Over 10 People Due to Customer Dispute

The incident occurred yesterday evening and took place right in front of tourists, resulting in injuries to 3 individuals. Upon witnessing the incident, concerned citizens promptly contacted the police at the Pattaya City Police Station to intervene.

However, when the police arrived at the scene, the involved parties had already dispersed. It was revealed that the injured individuals had reported the incident to the authorities, stating that this clash within the speedboat group had arisen due to a prior dispute.

The dispute had been triggered by one party reducing the fare for their speedboat services, which the other party found unsatisfactory. Moreover, threats were exchanged, and allegations were made that they had connections with local police and politicians in Pattaya.

The owner of the affected speedboat, whose crew members were assaulted, informed our news team that while their staff were assisting customers at the pier during the afternoon, suddenly, another group approached and physically attacked them without warning.

The attackers accused them of stealing customers and undercutting the prices of their speedboat services. As the evening approached, the assaulted group sought revenge and engaged in the altercation as described. Currently, the Pattaya City Police are investigating the incident and processing charges against the wrongdoers.”



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