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Transvestite gang hit out

Tourist police quickly interfered in a transvestite gang-targeted confrontation on busy Pattaya Beach lafter receiving a distress call.

Officers found three obviously scared visitors, including two men and a woman from Saudi Arabia and Palestine, at the Baywalk Pattaya Shopping Center on Beach Road.

Officers who accompanied the visitors to the Pattaya Police Station for additional investigation came across two transgender ladies there who were acting aggressively and eager to confront the foreigners.

They both had visible evidence of having been hurt during the incident. Mr. Narisara Ratchabutsri, 20, received scratches on his arms, fingers, and head, while Mr. Teerapat Palatchai, 23, had a swollen, bruised lip.

Mr. Narisara described how the Middle Eastern visitors approached him and his companions as they were strolling down the beach road during questioning.

The transsexual women extended an invitation to rest and socialize at a neighboring hotel. One of the tourists questioned the women’s gender identities, which sparked a heated conversation that eventually turned physical.

The injured parties were all taken to a hospital by police, where they were treated for their wounds before being interrogated and attempts at a peaceful resolution made.

According to the police, this particular transgender gang has a history of perpetrating similar crimes without facing any repercussions because their international victims typically leave the country after their vacation, which results in the case being dismissed.

More than 20 transvestites, according to 34-year-old local Mr. Jakree Sri-arun, who observed the assault on the visitors. When the foreigners attempted to flee the melee, they were grabbed and attacked repeatedly.

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