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Taxi driver kills three in late night murder

Last night, a Thai motorbike taxi driver murdered three people at a condominium in Bangkok before killing himself in front of the structure.

Despite being shot by the murderer, one victim lived.

The dreadful series of events happened last night inside a property in the Lak Si neighborhood.

Around 8 o’clock yesterday, officers from Tung Song Hong Police Station responded quickly to the distress call and went to the scene, which was located in Soi Chang Watatana 6. Both the condo and a local market had been the scene of the event.

Officers in the market came upon 59-year-old Sopha Chansoda, who had been found severely injured at a lottery shop. She was quickly taken to the hospital for treatment after suffering a gunshot wound to the head.

Witnesses described the terrifying incident involving the attacker, Somchai Kaewkomol, 54, who also happened to be Sopha’s son-in-law.

Somchai fled from the original attack at the market to a nearby condo that he had previously shared with his ex-girlfriend and stepchildren.

Officers were faced with a heartbreaking scene when they arrived to the condo complex in a hurry and saw Somchai’s lifeless body lying in front of it.

A terrifying scene awaited them as they made their way to his apartment on the ninth floor; regrettably, three more lives had been lost there.

Police have not yet reached a conclusion in the case, saying that more research will be done to determine what exactly caused the murder.

Two little boys, Krittapas Kaewkret, age nine, and Thanakrit Kaewkret, age seven, were found dead inside the room with brutal bullet wounds on their lifeless bodies.

Thawee Sinma, their grandma who was 60 years old, was found dead in the restroom.

Investigations into the reason for this horrible act have turned up a complicated web of connections.

According to the police investigation, the perpetrator’s acts were motivated by a two-year romantic engagement with Chompoo, the mother of the sons.

When this romance ended, Chompoo cut ties, left the condo they shared, and cut off contact with Somchai.

Somchai turned to Chompoo’s mother, Sopha, in a desperate attempt to rekindle their relationship, but his cries were ignored.

His fury was apparently fueled by this perceived rejection, which led him to carry out this horrific deed.

Another account of what happened, according to Matichon, contends that financial difficulties brought on by an outstanding debt may have been a factor, driving Somchai to choose a tragic and desperate course of action.

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