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Family caught stealing neighbor’s water, claims family is poor

Family caught stealing

A video went viral online showing a family stealing the neighbor’s water. The family came out to the public and admitted to stealing the utility service for only 2 days and claims they are currently in financial stress after spending all money on medical fees.

The video was posted online by Facebook Page “Red Skull Forever” from a security camera. The neighbor claims they have done this many times.

The Sanook News Team went to the neighbor’s home on 14 August 2020 in Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province. Natchaya, a teacher at a local school was not home as the team visited while she was at the school.

This was not a worthless trip as the team found a water hose about 10 meters long dragged out from the teacher’s home into the accused family’s home. 

Credit: Sanook

Apidech Klaison the village chief in Moo8 Pimonrach Sub-district went to inspect the home. He received a notification from Natchaya stating that her water bill has been higher than usual these past few months.

To be exact about 200 THB more than what she usually pays. The teacher checked her security footage and saw that the husband and wife living next door has hooked up a water hose from her property into theirs.

The village chief advised Natchaya to file a report with the police on theft charges at the Bang Bua Thong District, the teacher has not yet filed the report. Apidech offers his opinions and states that the family should’ve asked for help directly instead of stealing the neighbor’s water which is obviously illegal. 

Mongkol 40-year-old and Sukanya 39-year-old the husband and wife came out of the house and talked to the news team.

The couple admitted to stealing the water. The family has 4 members including a 10-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter. The family had no money to pay the water bill which resulted in their water being cut off.

They decided to connect a hose to the neighbor’s tap. They claim to have done this for only 2 days without permission from the teacher. Mongkol states he is suffering from heart disease, asthma, and epilepsy. He is waiting for his mother to send in some money as he cannot work.   

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