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The potential aircraft purchase by Turkish Airlines would be the biggest order in history.

Turkish Airlines revealed on Thursday that it would place an order for 600 aircraft in June.

The news that Turkish Airlines would make a sizable order for 600 brand-new aircraft in June may break the previous record for the largest airplane orders ever. Air India presently holds the record after making a 470-aircraft proposal in February (220 Boeing and 250 Airbus).

Turkish government order

Turkish Airlines’ Chairman of the Board, Professor Doctor Ahmed Bolat, stated on Thursday that the airline plans to announce an order for 600 aircraft early next month. This declaration will be made during the upcoming Assembly General Meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Istanbul.This purchase, according to Ahmed Bolat, will be made public by one of the major manufacturers and will include 400 narrowbody and 200 widebody aircraft. Once this order is confirmed, it will surpass all previous records for size, making this year by itself the year with the three largest orders ever.

the holder at the moment is Air India

Air India placed an order for 470 brand-new aircraft in February, totaling $68 billion in market value. The previous record-holder, American Airlines’ 2011 announcement to buy 460 aircraft from the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 families, was surpassed by this deal.

40 Airbus A350s and 210 Airbus A320narrowbody aircraft were ordered by Air India for its short- and medium-haul flights. It requested 190 Boeing 737 MAX, 20 787, and ten brand-new 777X aircraft from Boeing.

The fact that Air India’s order entirely consists of firm orders, as opposed to other airlines which split their orders into firm and options, makes it even more significant. A few weeks following Air India’s announcement, speculations regarding IndiGo possibly placing an order with Airbus for 500 aircraft surfaced. There hasn’t been any official statement as of yet.

Other huge orders

Other carriers followed American carriers’ sizable order from 2011 onward. Hundreds of airlines have struck agreements worth billions of dollars over the past ten years with other carriers and businesses.

Four of the airlines that Indigo Partners invests in received 430 Airbus A320neo aircraft as part of an order that was made in 2017. New planes from this order are still being delivered to Frontier Airlines, Wizz Air, Volaris, and JetSMART.Although it appears strange to classify United Airlines’ order for 200 aircraft as modest (because the majority of airlines don’t even have a fleet that large in the first place), that is how we assess the airline’s 2022 purchase. The US carrier agreed to purchase 100 Boeing 787 Dreamliners last year, with an additional 100 available as options. The largest widebody order ever placed by the US was this one. United said on the same day that it was increasing its firm commitment to brand-new MAX aircraft by turning 44 options into firm orders and adding another 56 to bring the total up to 100.

big order from Ryanair for 2023

In addition to the sizable orders placed in 2023 by Air India and potentially Turkish Airlines, another airline revealed a fresh agreement for hundreds of brand-new aircraft. It’s Ryanair, an airline that said earlier this week that it will buy 300 Boeing 737 MAX 10 narrowbodies.

150 of the orders total $40 billion and are solid orders. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, discussions for these planes were ongoing, but they came to a standstill when Ryanair and Boeing couldn’t agree on a price.

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