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Residents are perplexed by a Chinese magical ritual on Jomtien Beach.

A Tik Tok user published a video of a group of Chinese individuals engaging in a sinister ritual on Jomtien beach earlier this month, which involved screaming into the water and rolling in the sand.

A few days later, on the morning of May 6, locals who lived close to Jomtien Beach were shocked to see more than 50 Chinese people spread out along the shore yelling into the water.The residents of Pratamnak Soi 5 reported the strange events that were taking place along the Yin Tom Beach to the authorities. According to them, a group of Chinese tourists were gathered on the shore, screaming and shouting into the water while engaging in strange rituals on the sand.

When the police arrived, they discovered the group moving and chanting to an odd piece of music, perhaps in prayer. They would periodically shout and scream into the water in an unknown tongue. At a time, the shrieking would last for around 30 seconds.The group’s leader responded that their bizarre practice was simply a way for them to meditate and connect with nature, through which they were able to communicate with the birds and the sea.

When requested to remove the videos they had recorded of the rite using their smartphones, no one obliged.

Even though the police were perplexed by the entire situation, they concluded that no one was breaking the law. Later that day, the Chinese tourists arrived in Bangkok without incident.

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