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Soldier brings drowned puppy back to life with CPR

This is the heart-warming moment a soldier performs CPR on a drowned puppy to bring it back to life.

Weeraphon Sukudom, 25, found the tiny dog floating in a flooded garage last Friday afternoon after heavy rains in Bangkok, Thailand.

The squaddie scooped up the pup – which had already turned blue – and gently laid it down on a table in the army base to begin massaging its chest.

Weeraphon gave delicate heart pumps with his thumbs for three minutes before the puppy sprang back into life – letting out a faint squeal and opening its mouth.

Relieved Weeraphon has now nicknamed the puppy ‘Champion’ and vowed to raise it himself.

He said: ”There was a lot of rain and the garage where the puppies were kept flooded. We checked and one was missing.

”We found him floating in the water and started trying to save him.

”I learned CPR a long time ago but had never done it before on a human or animal. But I had to try to save the little dog.

”The puppy was already blue and I thought he might already be dead, but I just tried. Then I could feel the life returning to him. His heart started beating again.

”It’s very lucky we found him in time. It’s like a miracle he’s alive now. I’ll look after him and feed him to get his strength back.

”His brothers and sisters are all still alive. He just was the weaker one and was separated when the water went in the garage.”

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