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Naked man found with his face chewed off by his dog after he died 10 days ago

Police found a dog with blood around his mouth next to the rotting, half-eaten corpse of his Canadian owner, after the man died alone in his flat in Thailand.

Glenn Pattinson, 62, had had his face chewed off by his dog, Cujo, named after a dog in a Stephen King horror film.


His ribs were exposed where his torso had been partially devoured by Cujo after he died 10 days ago in his rented apartment in the Sattahip district near Pattaya, Thailand.


The dog was found next to Patterson’s corpse

Cujo was sitting by his master’s side with dried blood around his mouth as police arrived – posing for a bizarre picture in which they point accusingly at the confused canine. Rescue workers were only alerted last Friday when neighbours began to complain about Cujo’s constant barking and became suspicious that he wasn’t being taken for a walk. Resident Bell Suchin, 34, said: ‘The foreign man had lived her for about three years and he was friendly. He loved his dog, he took him for walks every night.

‘He lived alone but he had a lot of different women visitors coming to the house. So I think he was happy, he always was happy when he was outside walking.’ Medics said that Pattinson had been taken to hospital two weeks ago and later discharged to return home. They said that a number of diabetes related tables were found in the room.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious

Police said they were not treating the death as suspicious. Police Lieutenant Colonel Pasawat Siripon Noppakun said: ‘Mr Glenn Stanley Pattinson was found not wearing any clothes. He had been dead for between seven and 10 days. The male dog was by his side and did not have water for several days. ‘There were no signs of fighting or the room being ransacked. We know that the dead man lived alone. The corpse has now been taken for a forensic examination to find the cause of death. The embassy will also be contacted for relatives to be informed for funeral arrangements.’


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