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Smash and grab ex boyfriend drags women away

COUPLE driving down a road in Samrong area of Samut Prakan province were attacked this afternoon by the woman’s ex-boyfriend who had followed them with his three friends and attacked them when they had stopped at the red light, said this evening.

Upon being alerted of the attack at around 2.30 p.m. Samrong Nuea policemen quickly went to the Thang Rod Fai Kao road’s junction with Pu Chao Saming Phrai road where the attack took place and found Mr. Sathaporn, 25, sitting stunned by the roadside with his face swollen and many wounds and bruises on his body.

He told them that he was driving his girlfriend’s black sedan down this road and stopped at the red light. He was not paying attention to what was going on around him as he was browsing through his mobile phone.

Just then a white sedan drove up and stopped close by and all of a sudden his girlfriend’s ex-partner smashed the sedan’s glass window, opened the door and started attacking him, punching him on his face and kicking him.

He was then dragged out to the road where his attacker and three to four of his friends continued punching and stomping on him.

His girlfriend’s ex-partner then dragged her to his car and drove away while his friends drove off with the black sedan.

He added that his girlfriend had told him that she was in a relationship with his attacker for three years but they had broken up.

Samrong Nuea police have sent out an alert to intercept the two vehicles but so far they have not been found.

However a CCTV clip from a nearby factory showed that there were four men in the white car with three getting out and together kicking and smashing the car’s glass window and then attacking the victim for a long time until some passersby intervened and told them to stop.

Just then his girlfriend got out of the car but her ex-boyfriend did not let her escape, he pulled her by the hair to his car and the man waiting inside quickly drove off.

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