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Speedboat thief pays up and apologises

Speedboat thief pays up and apologises

Do you remember the American speedboat thief, who jumped in a speedboat at Ao Nang Beach and headed off for Koh Phi Phi and then got stopped at the airport?

“We received a report from Ms Apissamai Sangjan that her speedboat, which was moored at Ao Nang Beach, was stolen on April 19. An allegedly drunken tourist jumped in, started the engine and drove away.”  Mr. Parker Wilson Bishop was that alleged drunk American.

The speedboat was found the very next day, it had been abandoned on a beach 15 kilometers from Ao Nang.

The captain of the boat, on its unplanned voyage, was later arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport and escorted back to Koh Phi Phi to answer some questions. The Koh Phi Phi Police deputy chief has revealed that Bishop has agreed to pay all damages and expenses for the boat and has apologized to the boat owner for the stress. The boat owner has decided not to take any further action after they had met and Bishop had apologized. Bishop has now been released from custody.

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