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Foreign man caught stealing from exchange booth in Pattaya

A foreign man was caught on surveillance footage stealing a coin box from a money exchange booth in Pattaya. The theft occurred at 7am yesterday Naewna reported.

A 36 year old man named Kiattisak reported the incident to the Pattaya City Police Station at 3.30pm. Kiattisak said that the coin box was missing when he came to work at 8am. Through surveillance footage, he saw that the foreign man, around 30 to 40 years old and well-dressed, had knocked on the booth’s glass window at around 7am.

When he realised that no one was around, the thief put his hand through a small opening and took the coin box before walking away. The box contained around 700 to 800 baht.

Kiattisak submitted the surveillance clips to police, pointing out that the thief had stolen the coin box in broad daylight, with lots of tourists and cars passing by. Kiattisak urged police to track down the thief.

Yesterday morning, a Danish thug allegedly attacked a woman and refused to pay for his food in Pattaya. The heavily intoxicated man allegedly hit the restaurant owner with a ketchup bottle and smashed her head into a pole. The woman was left with facial swellings.

On Thursday, yet another foreign troublemaker wreaked havoc on a Pattaya restaurant. One Thai eyewitness alleged that the half-naked man from the waist up was either under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The man, aged between 35 and 40, appeared confused and intoxicated, and despite repeated requests to leave, he continued to run around the restaurant, shouting abuse and scaring customers.

When the police arrived, the man attempted to hide on the restaurant’s second floor, but he was eventually subdued and handcuffed with the help of locals.

Earlier this month, an Australian man admitted that he started an argument which led to a bar fight.

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