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Service Standards

Thai service standards; what do we all make of them? Me personally, I’ve never had any major issues, but the same can’t be said about others. I’ve heard nightmare scenarios from friends of mine about the service they had received at different hospitality establishments around Pattaya.

Ok, so they aren’t perfect, but who is? Well, they don’t have to be perfect, but when visiting a place to eat or drink with friends and family, you do expect to be treated well and looked after by the staff.

Unfortunately, last night I had my first taste of poor service standards. So here is the scenario; it’s my sister and her boyfriend, who are over here on holiday, with me and my missus. We are down walking street in a bar, which I will avoid mentioning the name of. My missus orders the drinks, 3 San Miguel Light and 1 Spy (classic). The waitress comes back with 3 San Miguel Light’s and a Sprite. My missus immediately questioned the order saying that it was wrong, and would like to change the Sprite to a Spy, which is what we ordered originally. At this point the waitress turned nasty, saying that my missus ordered Sprite and not Spy, and that we couldn’t change it. A heated conversation took place between them, until I jumped in and said that we would keep the Sprite but please go and get us a Spy also.  The waitress refused once more, and said that we had to pay for the first round of drinks (which was wrong) and only then would she get us a new drink. I then asked to speak to the manager, at which point the waitress point blank refused. In the end we paid for the drinks, all 5 of them and left.

So it’s pretty safe to say we won’t be going back there in a hurry.

Being in Thailand, we will never get the same service standards that we see back at home, and often we will let things go, that we wouldn’t normally do if we were back at home. There does come a time though, when it goes too far, and there are too many stories out there for it to be a coincidence. A lot of businesses are quiet these days, and competition is pretty high in Pattaya too, so to me, service standards should be the first area to improve, in order to stand out from the rest.

Let me know your opinions guys on Service standards in general over here in Pattaya, and tell us about your own experiences.


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