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Chinese woman pushed off cliff by husband {UPDATE}

Chinese woman pushed off cliff by husband {UPDATE}

A remarkable incident unfolded in Kong Chiam district involving a Chinese woman, Wang Nan, who survived a harrowing ordeal. It was a moment of profound gratitude and emotion as she reunited with the four national park officials—Pairote Phew-oon, Sakulthai Chansook, Sorawit Mingman, and Sataporn Phima—at Pha Taem National Park’s office. Wang Nan, now 37, tearfully embraced each rescuer, expressing her heartfelt thanks.

The morning of June 9, 2019, started like any other for Wang Nan, then three months pregnant, and her husband, Yu Xiaodong, 33 at the time. They ventured to the cliff near Pha Taem Viewpoint to witness the sunrise, a popular spot renowned for its rock paintings. However, tragedy struck when Wang Nan was allegedly pushed off the cliff by her husband. Miraculously, she and her unborn child survived the staggering 34-meter fall, cushioned by trees below.

Suffering multiple fractures in her left thigh, arm, collarbone, hip, and knees, Wang Nan was discovered by a Thai tourist on a nearby trail, who promptly alerted park officials. The swift response of the four rescuers ensured Wang Nan received crucial first aid before being swiftly transported to Kong Chiam district hospital.

During the heartfelt reunion, Wang Nan expressed her profound gratitude for the rapid assistance she received during the traumatic event five years prior. As a gesture of appreciation, she presented the rescuers with healthy beverages.

Yu Xiaodong’s arrest on an attempted murder charge came approximately a week after the incident, with financial motives cited by Thai police. In a chilling revelation to the South China Morning Post, Wang Nan recounted how her husband, before pushing her off the cliff, tenderly kissed her cheek, uttering the chilling words, “Go to hell.”

Reports revealed Yu Xiaodong’s gambling addiction and mounting debts, with Wang Nan’s refusal to fully cover a 2 million yuan debt being a catalyst for his heinous act. Yu was subsequently sentenced to 33 years and 4 months in jail by Thailand’s Supreme Court. Tragically, it was reported that Wang Nan’s unborn child did not survive the fall, although confirmation of this detail remained pending.

Ms Wang, left, offers gift baskets at the office of Pha Taem National Park in Ubon Ratchathani on Saturday. (Photo: Office of the Pha Taem National Park)

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