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Thief slashing backpack on Walking Street

Thief slashing backpack on Walking Street

Pattaya’s tourist police swiftly intervened and apprehended Sumaree Keemalae, a 59-year-old woman, near Walking Street. She was caught in the act of stealing from a foreign tourist during the Songkran festivities.

The situation unfolded as a Chinese tourist couple enjoyed the celebrations along Walking Street. Sensing a disturbance with his backpack, initially brushed off as mere suspicion, the tourist soon discovered signs of tampering. Upon closer inspection, he found his backpack slashed and valuables missing. Reacting promptly, he apprehended Sumaree, whom he suspected of the theft, and handed her over to nearby tourist police authorities.

During questioning, Sumaree confessed to her involvement and provided insights into the pickpocketing scheme. She revealed being part of a four-person group systematically targeting unsuspecting tourists during crowded events. Each member had specific roles, with one creating a distraction while another executed the theft. However, Sumaree’s capture foiled their operation, leading to her arrest. Subsequent investigations unveiled Sumaree’s extensive criminal history, with seven prior theft-related cases.

Pol. Lt. Col. Piyapong Ensan, chief of the Pattaya Tourist Police, expressed concern for tourists’ safety in Pattaya and urged vigilance, particularly regarding belongings. Stressing proactive reporting, he encouraged tourists to promptly notify law enforcement of any suspicious activities. Additionally, security cameras strategically positioned in the area captured clear footage of the incident, providing crucial evidence for the ongoing investigation.

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