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SafeHouse Podcast Season 1 Episode 06



Busting Addiction and Its Myths

The purpose of our podcast is to help families learn the truth about addiction and alcoholism so that they can take the right action to help the addict they love and to help themselves at this critical time in their lives.

Exposing the truth about addiction and alcoholism also requires that we bust the myths surrounding both addiction/alcoholism and the recovery process.

Season 1 – Episode 6

In this episode, we’re going to go deeper into enabling. I will share my story of how I enabled my daughter without even having a clue as to what I was really allowing her to get away with.

My young collaborator, Tony, will share his story of how his mom tried everything and sacrificed much, but nothing happened until he himself made the decision to stop once and for all.

Oh yes, addicts are really slick. Then again, I was a sick Dad too, but I didn’t know it at the time until I had a rude awakening which I will share with you a little later.

One of the better definitions of the word enabling that makes sense to me is that enabling makes something possible or easy. Think about it.

When I enable an addict, I make it possible or easy for him to continue to abuse drugs and/or alcohol, or both.

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