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Pothole works frustrating residents

Since January 4, the ongoing roadworks at the Chaiyapruek intersection in Pattaya have left residents confused and frustrated. Many residents have taken to social media to express their discontent with the project, questioning its necessity and planning.

City authorities claim that the construction work is aimed at addressing the issue of uneven road surfaces. However, residents are skeptical and believe that such problems should have been addressed from the beginning, rather than causing disruption now.

The recurring excavations have become a source of frustration for Pattaya residents, who see it as an ongoing problem. The lack of foresight and a coordinated plan has resulted in multiple disruptions, causing inconvenience to the public. Adding to the frustration is the concern about the effectiveness of the allocated budget for these projects. Despite the approval of funds, there seems to be a lack of oversight by relevant authorities, which has further fueled residents’ dissatisfaction.

Critics argue that mismanagement of budgeted funds not only inconveniences the public but also erodes trust within the community. Residents believe that increased transparency, accountability, and effective management are necessary to address the ongoing disruptions caused by road infrastructure projects in Pattaya.

It is important for authorities to listen to the concerns of residents and take steps to address them, ensuring that future projects are planned and executed more efficiently to minimize inconvenience and restore public trust.


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